Eighter Bracelets for Donations

I'm sure a lot of us have been really concerned about what is happening right now in Japan. From where we are now, the best way we can help is to donate funds to various relief organizations. As an Eighter, I wanted to do something to reflect not only my love for Japan, but for Eito as well.

I am making Eito bracelets for all of those who make any sort of donation to a relief organization! A list of relief organizations that are legit can be found here. Once you have donated, send me a PM with proof of your donation and your mailing address and I will make sure you get an Eito bracelet, handmade by myself :)

Now, these bracelets aren't anything too extraordinary, but they are symbolic of Eito, and the love we have for not only our idols, but for a country that has been struck by a terrible disaster.

The bracelets will look similar to these only in Eito colors.
Your options for bracelets are:
Eito Bracelet (with all 7 colors)
Ryo (yellow and white)
Okura (green and white)
Hina (purple and white)
Yoko (black and white)
Subaru (red and white)
Yasu (blue and white)
Maru (orange and white)


Any pairings you like! For example, a YokoHina bracelet would be black, purple, and white. A Ryokura bracelet would be green, yellow and white, and so on and so forth.

I will give a bracelet for every separate donation made, so if you make more than one donation to a single organization OR donations to multiple organizations, you will get a bracelet for each donation!

Please remember that this is to help Japan in their current condition. There are a lot of people without access to food, water, medications, gasoline, etc. These people need these things, but obviously money is needed to pay for them.

Thank you for reading this!

P.S. For participants outside of the United States, I will have to ask that you help me out with half of the shipping costs. Please provide me with your Paypal addy and I will send you an invoice after it has shipped.

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